Summer Scholar Research Highlights

by Kristal Mainsah on September 12, 2019

Stephanie Zemba ’21

Major: Sociology

Title:Social Isolation Among Aging Immigrants

Abstract: Health consequences of social isolation are well-documented. Older immigrants are particularly vulnerable to social isolation due to the stresses associated with aging in a foreign country. The projected increase in foreign-born elders makes social isolation an important phenomenon to study. The proposed research will employ semi-structured interviews to explore whether and how social isolation is experienced by immigrant elders in the Roanoke Valley. Investigating social isolation among immigrant elders who live in an area where their ethnic group is underrepresented will provide a greater understanding of the challenges these elders face and potentially help local organizations address their needs.

Something about the scholar: Stephanie is a junior at Roanoke College, majoring in sociology. She was born and raised in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Through the Research Fellows program and an independent study course, Steph is involved with two ongoing research projects in the Sociology department on interfaith dating and nondrinking students. She is a member of the French and Culture Shock clubs on campus, and her hobbies include creative writing, reading, and painting. Her friends like to joke that if you can’t find Steph in the library, you’ll find her attending office hours. Steph’s future plans include attending graduate school, earning a PhD in sociology, and becoming a college professor.

Nathaniel Willis ’20

Major: History, Political Science

Title: Religion and Politics in the Middle East: A Comparative Study of Christian Communities in Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel

Abstract: The relationship between religion and state is an important component of the political dynamic of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and while Islam is the predominate religion in these areas, Christian Minorities play a notable role in the region. These communities include the Coptic Christians of Egypt, Maronite Christians of Lebanon, and the numerous Christian churches in Israel and Palestine. This study is a comparative analysis of how each community directly and indirectly participates in the political and civil service apparatuses of their respective countries.

Something about the scholar: Nathaniel is a senior from Bedford, Virginia and is a History and Political Science double major. His primary interest of study is the intersection of religion with the fields of politics and history, which is an interest likely influenced by his parents, one of whom is a professor of religious studies at Lynchburg College and the other an ordained Presbyterian minister. Nathaniel is involved in Roanoke College athletics, having participated for 3 seasons of Cross Country and 2 seasons of Track and Field. Nathaniel has spent his past three years at Roanoke working as a student assistant (churl) for the History Department, as well as spending a semester in Washington, D.C. working as an intern for the U.S. Department of State.


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Summer Scholar Research Highlights

September 10, 2019

Dylan Sullivan ’20 Major: Chemistry Title: Development of a Low-Cost Fluorescence Spectrometer Abstract: The technique of fluorescence spectroscopy utilizes light to determine unknown concentrations of molecules. The actual instrument used, a fluorimeter, costs over $30,000 so most students lack access to learn about and use this technique. In this research, I propose to develop a fully-functional […]

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Summer Scholar Research Highlights

September 6, 2019

Andrew Droubay ‘20 Major: Computer Science & Mathematics Title: Pointer Visualization and Education in C++ Through Gamification Abstract:The syntactic and theoretical use of pointers within computer programming is often a difficult obstacle to intermediate students. Solutions involving visualizations and practice problems have been used before, but a better result may be obtained through gamifying the problem. […]

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RC Showcase of Research & Creativity

September 5, 2019

On April 5th, approximately 40 RC students had the opportunity to present their work at the Roanoke College Showcase of Research and Creativity.  Top awards went to . . . First Place: Katie Hefele –– Cardiac function in the American lobster: How does pericardial sinus pressure relate to pressure inside the heart?  Dr. Dar Jorgensen, Biology […]

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Summer Scholar Research Highlights

September 2, 2019

Jared Boone ’20 Major: Political Science & French Title: Power Structures and Political Tradition: An Explanation for the Disparate Healthcare Outcomes Between the United States and France Abstract: The United States and France have distinctly different healthcare systems and these differences are shown in nearly every measure. It is unique that two western Republics with very similar systems of governance, […]

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Summer Scholar Research Highlights

August 29, 2019

Isabel Hildesheim ‘20 Major: Biology Title: Using Bryophytes for Stronger Quantification of the Effects of Air Pollution in Habitat Abstract: This project will work to develop a method for using mosses to quantitatively assess air pollution. Moss will be fumigated with SO2 in the lab. The morphology, physiology, and cytology of these mosses will be observed, and polar […]

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Western Virginia Regional Science Fair

July 24, 2019

In March, Roanoke College hosted the Western Virginia Regional Science Fair in Bast Gym. Nearly 170 high school and middle school students were able to showcase their talents and intellect at the fair.

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Research Highlight: Riker Lawrence

July 22, 2019

Riker Lawrence (’20) presented recently at the Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Research Conference at Virginia Tech. Her poster was about Psychological Capital (PsyCap), well-being, and work attitudes of employees. It was a joint project with her lab mate, Kaitlin. Riker “wanted to share her work with others because it is a topic that is common in the […]

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Research Highlight: Kiah Coflin & Rachel Harmon

July 15, 2019

Fellow RC students, Kiah Coflin (’19) and Rachel Harmon (’20) had the opportunity to present at the Society for Research on Child Development biennial conference in Baltimore.  They presented with Dr. Powell on the preliminary information gathered from Dr. Powell’s May Term on Emerging Adults Intercultural Competencies (ICC)over time after traveling to Thailand. “Dr. Powell had […]

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Fine Arts Highlight

April 8, 2019

RC students Charissa Roberson, Sarah Jane Ruppert, Haley Ramsey, and Adeline Huggins, had the opportunity to attend the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for Region IV. In particular Adeline Huggins was nominated for her performance in Our Town, RC’s Theatre fall production. The group had the opportunity to perform a scene before a panel of […]

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